Sunday, August 31, 2008


Recap of the past few weeks, in no particular order:

  • moved back to Calgary. into a new apartment. still unpacking.
  • finished my last course. am waiting for my degree to arrive in the mail.
  • bought a car.
  • bought a cell phone.
  • started a new job.
  • saw fireworks.
  • went to a ranch.
  • ate bbq watermelon.
  • went shoe shopping with Jenn and Marisa and didn't buy shoes.
  • introduced Jenn to Chuck. am to blame for her falling in love.
  • watched a football game. paid limited attention to it at least.
  • tried to tune my guitar.
  • read a book. or more than one...
  • caught up with a few friends.
  • discovered my face is too narrow for most glasses.
  • discovered that Miley Cyrus is played on the Christian radio station.
  • fed a deer by hand.
  • walked along the river.
  • made poffertjes.
  • felt sad. missed good friends.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

.nothing of importance.

Brief complaint regarding flying with sinus infections:
Returning to earth after flying at great altitudes is very painful. I can now more accurately sympathize with those who get terrible earaches every time they fly. Four days later my ears are still popping.

Brief rant regarding lawn mowers:
Do lawn mower manufacturers elicit great joy in making me look like a fool? Yesterday I mowed the lawn, and I had never used this lawn mower before...usually my brother is around to pass the job along to. I noticed that there was a bar which I assumed (correctly) that I would need to hold down while attempting to start the mower. I yanked and yanked the cord. Not even a hint of the motor desiring to attempt to roll over. I got my mom to hold the bar down so I could yank the cord with two hands. Still nothing. I couldn't see any buttons or switches which might make me look slightly less foolish. Giving up, I simply began the weed-eating, because that is more my area of expertise when it comes to lawn care. Shortly thereafter, my mom came out after having spoken to my father on the phone. There is a random reddish button, which isn't even a button but a little rubber thingy, which resides on the front of the lawn mower. Apparently if you push it two or three times, then hold the bar down and yank on the cord the lawn mower will start effortlessly. Thanks for hiding it so well oh great manufacturers.

Ok...enough ranting. I am back from Europe and that means I'm hitting the real world which I've been trying to avoid for the majority of my life. I have 3 weeks to pump out my last 3 papers for my last course and then I will fly back to Calgary, buy a car, move, and then start work.
I realize that I totally sucked it up writing about Europe...I kind of didn't feel like writing anything after Italy but pushed through until Paris (in my own journal, not online obviously), and then I just gave up. Maybe someday I'll continue to post some random anecdotes. If I remember them, since I didn't write them down. random (true) thought to leave you with...the Queen of England said that every time she hears ABBA's Dancing Queen she dances. Because she's a queen.