Sunday, February 27, 2011


This weekend Jess invited a few of us to her parents' place in Glencoe.  It was such a lovely mini retreat!
The weather cleared up for us to drive on Friday night and we arrived safely at the gorgeous farmhouse with the ground gracefully covered in snow.
We sang hymns, played games, watched a movie, visited the sheep and horses in the barn, and...went cross country skiing! (Except for poor Roz who couldn't join us for that part because she's still recovering from being run into and knocked out on the slopes last week.)
The weather was perfect. Temperatures hovered around zero and snow gently fell as we skied, but the snow started to get pretty sticky the second hour in. I paused fairly frequently to snap some photos, so I thought I'd show a few here.

 singing hymns around the piano
 Rach demonstrates her speed-skater moves
 the snow gently falling, fast, oh fast...
 look at 'em go!
 a short snack break
 back on the trail!
 posing with the sign...we went on Huron trail (but took a short cut)
 Rach "attacks" Julie with a pitchfork!
 Rach works up the nerve to pet a (very soft, cushy) sheep!
 Roz with the horses
 checking out the bald spot on the sheep's neck
 Jess the teacher explaining the bald spot
 Roz is super excited that she can cross her legs!!
 Rachel "bad boy" Peters
the barn