Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 has been a big year for my family. My sister and her husband had a baby, I bought a house, my brother got married. Significant events and milestones.

Yet what I find myself remembering most is God's faithfulness. Yes, in those big moments where he was obviously at work. But also in small victories, in daily assurances, in answering prayers beyond my expectations.

Perhaps our lives don't look exactly as we'd hoped they'd be, but God is good and wants good things for his children. I am so grateful for my life, for the place in which God has put me, for the influence he bestows upon me, for the ways in which he chooses to use me, despite my weaknesses, for my many friends, for my family. God has blessed me so much.

And I'm excited about where God will take me next, how he will use me, who he'll be shaping me to be.