Saturday, October 18, 2008

.thanksgiving weekend.

So my post about thanksgiving is slightly delayed...but better late than never, right?
Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and Amy's family was kind enough to "adopt" me for the weekend. We drove up to their farm in Tofield on Friday night.
On Saturday I borrowed Amy's tracker and nipped over to Edmonton to visit with my cousins, Jo and Cathy. It was great to see them again, since it's been a while.
I got back to Tofield just in time for turkey dinner with all the trimmings. So delicious! And the best part is there were leftovers the next day for a really good turkey sandwich after church before our drive back to Calgary.
After Awaken Amy and I went to see The Women which was a really good movie. Considering the fact that there are no men in it, it portrayed a very balanced perspective. And what a brilliant idea...make a movie with no men...pretty impressive, I think.
On Monday I went to the football game...and sadly Saskatoon got dumped on by Calgary, but it was still very fun just to be there. Let's be honest, I'm not a big football person (or sports person in general) so for me it's enough to just watch and enjoy, not get all caught up in a team and competitiveness of it all.
After that I went to Troy's for a non-thanksgiving dinner. It was very fun, except some people became angry/upset because we played a prank that apparently got a little out of control. I think that mostly their egos were just hurt from being gullible. Anyways, I got to feel special for an evening, and for that I am thankful (I just realized that this is my "thanksgiving" post and I didn't yet specify anything for which I am thankful).

I'm thinking that I could probably extend the topic of this post from Thanksgiving to Jenn's birthday...but how about all I say about that is this: it was a wonderful day (slash 2 days) and we had lots of fun and very amusing conversations, and also good food, and great cake (thanks Tanya!).
The End.

Monday, October 06, 2008


I keep thinking I should update my blog...but I have nothing amusing to say.

I got to be a part of my friends' wedding this past weekend and it was really neat. I'm really impressed by Bruce's incredible patience...I have a lot of respect for him. and I'm glad Jen could marry her best friend. It's always cool to be able to witness people getting married when they obviously enable the other to be more fully themselves.

Also, we had our covenant service at church, which was really cool. It was a pretty meaningful service, and it was cool to both witness it and be a part of it. After church I went to a small group with friends from work. We are going through the chronicles of Narnia together.

It seems like October is the birthday happy birthday everyone! Sorry that's so generic...

I just had this random thought of how cool it might be to live in a world that was like Amelie.