Monday, February 26, 2007


So I was just chatting with Dave and he asked me to edit his paper on abortion, so I figured, why not put my homework aside and help him for a few minutes, since it's going to be a long night anyways.
As I was editing it and giving him a few suggestions, he asked for my advice on a relationship issue (incidentally with a girl named Meghan).
I was indicating a sentence that needed some attention and he interrupted with "fix my problem in life first"
which I did
and then finished fixing up his paper.
I don't know if you find that line amusing or not, but I thought it was kind of funny.
Also amusing is that he always refers to me as a dude or bro.
And the effects of mexican oven dish on his system...which he just brought up. Nothing like a good pooh story to lighten one's mood.
And on that note...I'm going to finish my worksheet on Proverbs!

Friday, February 23, 2007

ski trip

A little late...but I thought I'd share a bit about my ski trip.
The last time I went skiing was in gr 9 or 10 with BethL...basically, it was an interesting day because she knows how to ski, and I spent the majority of my time on my butt in the snow. But I was determined to try again, and have a good time.
Jen invited me to go skiing with her on Monday, and since I could borrow her mom's skiis and didn't have to rent them, I figured why on earth not? So I invited Hannah, and she invited her friend Anita and these guys from Edmonton came as well, and we went up to Lake Louise.
For the morning Jen and I skiied (how on earth do you spell that past tense?) together and basically she laughed at me the whole time, which was fine, because I like to laugh at myself as well. My first few runs were mishap free, but then...I had one amazing wipe out. Jen would be skiing parallel, which traditionally is much faster than snowplow, so she would occasionally slow down and wait for me to catch up. However, I can go very quickly while doing my snowplow, and one such time she slowed unnecessarily. I was dodging ski school students and was right behind her when she began to slow down to look back for me, so I had no choice but to swoop past her in order not to crash, and in so doing I gained even more speed. Ahead of me was either a person or a little jump, and I chose the jump, with full knowledge that I was fairly out of control and would undoubtedly CRASH. Let's just say I was flat on my stomach with my skiis every whichway right on the edge of a cliffish type part of the mountain and was laughing so hard I couldn't move. Thankfully I was out of the way, haha. A beautiful flight. Basically at lunch the guys were all upset to have been missing out on the extreme joy of watching me attempt to ski, so after lunch we all went to the other side of the mountain together. They were surprised at how good I actually was because Jen was describing me as so...unique...which I am. But yeah. It was definitely a fun time, except for the fact that we accidentally lost Hannah and Anita at the beginning of the day and didn't see them again til the end. Next time we'll communicate better first...
On Sunday Hannah is going to teach me how to snowboard! So that will be exciting. Yay!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

gelukkig valentijnsdag!

Today Josh asked me if I would be his valentine.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

breaking and own house

Yesterday I finally got to meet Josh's girlfriend, Sarah, and I showed her these old pictures of him when he still had a baby face :) He was a little embarrassed, but such is life, and I warned him ahead of time. We went to the Devonian Gardens, which for some reason I'd never been to. They're nice, especially when you want to escape winter.
I saw Darcy at the school and he wanted to come home with me to jam with Nicole since she's back, so once he finally found his coat, we took off, with his amp and guitar in tow. Only I had forgotten my keys, so we had to break into my house (because Nicole was sleeping and the doorbell didn't wake her) which was unfortunately very easy, which probably I shouldn't be announcing. However, I fixed the window so now if we're locked out, we're really locked out. We didn't realize right away that Nicole was home, so Darcy kind of woke her up with the piano, but it was all good. We watched a movie and Nicole and I both fell asleep I think (sorry Darcy) because he woke me up quite a while after it was over, and she was still kind of out of it. But then we jammed together for a bit and it was nice.
Nicole and I went grocery shopping because she hadn't been since October! so we filled the cart with so much food and realized we had to walk it all home somehow...So we just brought the cart home (why not make this place look even more ghetto? it'll match the cart that's been sitting on the other side of the duplex for months) to bring it back later. A full cart on very snowy roads and sidewalks isn't the smoothest experience, but it was a good workout!
After putting away the groceries we watched Footloose with Julie which somehow Nicole and I had never seen before. So that was fun.
Today Julie gets to wear a black velvet dress and $3000 diamonds at work (advertising for V-Day I'm guessing) and Nicole's friend Rachel is coming. I'm just finishing up homework because that's what I do.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

house life

So apparently on my last post I decided to end it very abruptly, almost mid-sentence. I guess I just didn't feel like writing anymore. So I'm not going to change it.
Nicole got back yesterday with some amazingly hilarious poop stories, poor thing (she was puking almost the whole time she was in India) and Merissa left today to visit Karyn in Honduras.
It's weird to have someone always missing around here, but I guess it helps to not overcrowd the fridge as much.
And no, I'm not equating people to food. I'm just noting an upside.
Ok, that's all I feel like writing now. I need to finish writing my presentation verbatim before I meet with Marci tomorrow. Which I will proceed to do while watching Center Stage with Julie.
ahh, multi-tasking, my old friend

Monday, February 05, 2007

african weekend

There appeared to be a theme...
Friday night and all day Saturday Thora was cooking Ethiopean food...which is really good I might add.
Saturday we went to see Watoto, the African Children's Choir from Uganda. Obviously they were all adorably cute, but my favourite was Conrad. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Conrad. I am ten years old and when I grow up I want to be a pilot." Two things about this...he sounded like a pilot with his ladies and gentlemen "we are currently flying at 3500 feet and the weather conditions are very smooth" and at first I thought his "pilot" sounded like "pirate" so I was like "You are my hero!!!" haha. Oh yeah, and one boy's name was Innocent, which reminded me of invisible children.
Upon our return home, people were still over to eat Thora's Ethiopean dinner, so we partook as well. There was also an African dance party in our living room.
Sunday morning the superintendent or something of Pentecostal churches in Uganda spoke, challenging us to use our talents and take risks in order to multiply...

Friday, February 02, 2007

bragg creek/kamp kiwanis


Marci and I met in the library to work on our project on teen depression. We were pretty much the only people there since the undergrads were having a "community day" and the semiarians were at the retreat. We got a lot accomplished and I'm excited about our project. We work well together and think similarily, so that made it quite fun.
I rushed home from the library to pack for the next day and then Merissa and I rushed to the bus stop (gotta love buses during rush hour...thankfully we got a seat!) and took it down to way in the southwest where her dad picked us up. We went to her house where her horrible yappy dog that Dan ruined (yes, I am blaming you also) would not shut up (well, eventually she did, but it took a long time) and we had a lekker dinner and then we took her sister, Chantel, and her friend to youth group.
We went to Starbucks and tried the new tea lattes and sat on comfy chairs to do homework and read. The music was really loud, and it was distracting Merissa from her work, but she was too comfortable to move, so I offered to ask them to turn it down a bit for her. I popped my head over the counter requesting the slight decrease in volume of the music, even motioning with my fingers "een beetje" and moments later...the music died. Yes, they turned it all the way off, and then I felt like the evil girl who made the music die, and Merissa was oh-so-gleeful that I had done her dirty work for her. Since when does a little bit mean all the way? Whatever.
So then we went back to her place after youth group was over and it was so windy and snowy! But their house is nice and warm and I slept well, just not long enough. OH, and before we slept they had TLC on in the background and it was so gross...about a guy whose muscles exploded because he had taken too many steroids...bodybuilders are so ugly!!!! eww.

Anyways, the Nel's house reminded me of going to Ewout's house to get away from Amsterdam because Bragg Creek (where they live) is really close to Calgary, but it's in the woods and the foothills of the Rockies and it's just different enough to be a haven and feel like a mini vacation. Refreshing.

We got up early to get to Kamp Kiwanis for the CTS retreat before breakfast at 8:00. It was a nice relaxing day...we had breakfast, a group did a skit, we hung out for a while and then had chapel. It was a really good sermon which was something I needed to hear. I'll probably post more extensively on it some other time.
Then we had some free time before lunch, and Merissa and Paul Spilsbury sang Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika and I tried to sing along but I do not have it memorized yet.
After lunch we had a really long student meeting, which was good, just long. Then we had some more group activities...we all completed a quiz about the faculty, and then we "made professors" outside using snow and natural objects. My group made Rick Love on the ice with blood gushing from his head, in the exact spot he fell onto Curtis' stick the day before causing him to gush blood. It was pretty fun, and there were some creative creations. After that competition my group practised our skit that we had to perform after dinner, and I threw out my back falling.
We played the bean game and chatted until dinner. I've gotta say, it's ridiculous how fast time flies at retreats because you're eating and then do something and then eat again and then do something and eat again...or that's how it seems at least. Plus snacking in between activities.
After supper they gave out awards and we did our skit....which was really funny and well received by everyone except Spilsbury's group, of course. (incidentally, everyone liked our sculpture of Rick except his group too...)
Then we went to the chapel which was a wonderful time of meeting with God and being filled with the Holy Spirit. After that we had to leave, but that was ok because I was so tired...and Merissa too since she'd worked a night shift of Tuesday and hardly slept on Wednesday.

So I think I've caught you up now...and now I need to catch up on the homework. Doei!