Friday, September 21, 2007

Nynke's visit

So...for the past week Nynke has been visiting me. We enjoyed all four seasons...yes, it even snowed. On Wednesday we got off the c-train to my exclamation of "het sneeuwt!" except I totally botched the pronunciation. Regardless, I did a little excited dance on the street corner and got some strange looks. I know, I'm how old, and I still haven't learned to control myself in public...haha
Anyways! We did touristy stuff, like the Calgary Tower and Banff. And we went to Chinook Shopping Centre (that's right, it's so big it's not even a mall) and TD Square and Stephen Ave. Yeah, so a lot of shopping apparently, haha. Oh, we also went to see the Nanny Diaries which I thought was a really cute movie. But I like most movies that have "real" characters.
Oh, on Tuesday we went to Focus, and the guys cooked us dinner. And serenaded us. It was so fun; what special guys. I'm still trying to get the video of their song up on keeps freezing every time I try, and I'm not computer savvy enough to know how to fix it.
Let's see, what else...ummm...I was going to integrate pictures with this blog, but I think I may as well make use of my photo blog for that. And maybe I'll post the video there too :)
It was so so good to see Nynke again...but dang time flew! It was fun to reminisce about our Shelter days together for sure...I'm still feeling a little nostalgic, but it won't last long since I've got a buttload of work to pump out this next week. Joy!
Well, Karyn's nephew Elijah is sleeping over tonight and he's pretty much the cutest boy ever (I know Nynke, I think all kids are cute...but he really is!) so I think I'm going to go hang out downstairs...after I finish hemming these pants. I know, I'm such a multi-tasker. But seriously...they don't make pants that fit me...they would fit if my legs happened to be 6 inches longer...but can you imagine how disgustingly skinny my legs would look? I mean, even more than they already do...*shudder* Well, enough ranting about something I can't change

Thursday, September 06, 2007


It's a full 20 degrees warmer at home than it is here today.
That is because Calgary decided it was ready for fall. Today.
*sigh* goodbye sun, hello fading tan...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


You know, somehow I felt more inspired to blog when I was back "home". Not sure why, but whatever. I'll try to keep it up here.
I went to school today to pay my bill...and get my transit pass, yay! I also went to the new student luncheon to meet the new students, of course. And to get a free lunch. What can I say? They serve really good lunches there, and plus I missed the one last year I think maybe. Ok, I don't really remember, but either way I was welcome, haha.
I'm looking forward to my new classes, even though I'm still not done one class from the summer. I've got a few more months to work on it, along with the 4 more that I'm starting now. So it's all good.
I'm looking forward to being an off-campus dorm sister this year. It will be great to be able to connect with some of the students and invest in their lives.
I'm also looking forward to my internship (wow, I'm looking forward to a lot of things, eh?). It will be an amazing, challenging, growing experience.
Ok, I think that's all for blessed!