Sunday, March 21, 2010

.welcoming in spring.

This weekend was so pleasant!
The weather was great, and I spent some time with friends.
I got to meet my friend Jen's new baby, Caris. It was lovely to catch up with Jen a bit too.
Then I went to my friend Dustin's art show. He has this one art piece that's a bunch of crushed coloured Christmas lights, and we kept overhearing people commenting that the artist must hate Christmas, which amused us both greatly.
Then I went to an Awaken games night at Amy's where an exciting game of apples to apples lasted long through the night.
I also watched a bit of the Paralympics, which is just incredible to me. (Especially the seeing-impaired skiers!!)
And then Steve, Amy, Ed and I went to an Irish pub and then the CPO. It's nice to feel cultured every once in a while.
Today I did 3 loads of laundry, and then I was planning on walking to an art gallery to see if anyone had out-bid me on a few items, and Amy wanted to come along too. She suggested that I dress up as a 50s housewife for a photo shoot at the laundromat, which was a grand idea. There was a man there who looked at us awkwardly the whole time (PLUS, he had just dumped all my clean laundry out of the dryer, when there were over a dozen other dryers available, which I found rather annoying). And, randomly, Amy knows the owner of the store/gallery we went to, so that was kind of fun too.
The sun is shining. The air is warm. It's officially spring. What more can you ask for?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I know that we'll probably get another blast of winter still, but I have been thoroughly enjoying our mild winter and recent spring-like conditions.

Also, I received spring flowers this week, which helps to excite me about the approaching spring.

This weekend I went for a few walks (I am so blessed to live in such a great area of Calgary!) and also a bike ride. I may or may not have run into dancing roller blade man again today.
I spent part of today reading outside as well. I've picked up Don Miller's "Searching for God Knows What" again. My problem with reading books is that I often forget what they say, but then it's good because I can get "new" insights when I read them again.

It was lovely to finally have a weekend free of plans (and work!) because I was able to relax and just enjoy spring. I can't wait for trees to begin to turn lacy...I love the budding rebirth. I think that I, too, am being refreshed and renewed. I look forward to leaving winter behind.