Monday, September 04, 2006

mmm, lazy long weekend

On Saturday I got to see Mel again and meet Lester! Our communications got a bit crossed and I ended up thinking that I was to "meet" them at the zoo, but really they wanted to "eat" at the zoo. So I got there at 1:30 and waited at the entrance where the C-train stops until 2:50ish when they came running out. They'd gone in the other entrance and then ran through the whole zoo when they saw there was another entrance on the complete other side, haha. So that was an adventure to start off...They were super sweet and paid for me (thanks guys) and we had fun eating (and meeting, haha) and checking out the animals. I'll probably put up some pics on my other blog one of these days. It was so nice to catch up with Mel, and funny because she was talking about her wedding dress and all these details right in front of Lester and he had no clue because he's deaf. Anyways, I was glad to finally meet him, because I'm in their wedding and I hadn't met him yet or given my approval, which he received, so it was good.
On the way back we shoved into the front seat because all Mel's stuff for school filled the truck. Only there really were not three seats in the front. Poor Mel got all squished up and we covered her with sweatshirts so we wouldn't get pulled over (which was good because there was a cop (and an ambulance) a couple houses down from mine).
Then I went to church with Ashley and Merissa and was good. He was talking about vision...both for us individually (when he mentioned "teenagers need vision" he definitely looked directly at Ashley and me. we were like, "do we really look that young?") and as a church. So it was a good message...only sometimes I think that God only shows parts of a vision at a time, so I'm going through school right now because of the piece of a vision that He's shown me, but I definitely don't have a clear picture of what it'll be like at the end.
Yesterday Julie and Ashley and I walked in Prince's Island for the afternoon...heel leuk! It's finally summer again here...I love it! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be gorgeous also. Which is funny, because it's rainy and cold in Owen Sound. Ok, that's not funny I guess, but they had all the nice weather before, so it's nice to have the reverse now.
Welp, I think Julie and I are going to some provincial park soon for a walk...that'll be nice. I'm enjoying the long weekend by not doing work. Except for I did read while I waited for Mel and Lester at the zoo. Ok well, that's all for now folks!

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Darius said...

Wow, sounds like you had a good weekend. Today and watching Elizabeth Town was the higlight of my "great" weekend... notice the sarcasm in my writing hahah... JK
but no, really it was the most relaxing part of my weekend for sure. Tomorrow it's back to work, and to waking up early...
Have a good night and week...