Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So...the reason why I haven't been able to post on here lately is because I am insanely busy.
I have been so stressed out with school and internship and having no time for anything else, not even time to vent let alone time to actually learn, and today I finally broke down.
The timing wasn't the greatest (in Rick's class. classic.) but it was very healing. Then again, maybe the timing was good since I wasn't wearing any makeup today and didn't have to worry about smeared mascara or anything. It was one of those lovely tales of me sobbing in the bathroom with Ashley holding me up, because otherwise I literally would have collapsed. So technically I missed about 45 minutes of class, but we were doing lament psalms today, so basically I just prayed my own instead. And I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to unload, although it wasn't really that there was an opportunity for it, but rather I was no longer capable of holding it in.
Anyways, I am still stressed and overwhelmed, but I'm feeling more at peace about everything. Also, I start my counselling next Wednesday, so that will be good too. I think Wednesdays will now be scheduled in as "emotional days". I know, I'm seriously unhealthy, but somehow I am surviving. Not living, but surviving. Pray that I learn how to live in the midst of this!

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Nynke said...

Poor girl! I hope you are feeling a bit better.
I know the feeling of being overwhelmed.
The only thing that hepled for me was to work less and to resolve some issues I had.
I hope the counseling will help you.