Friday, November 02, 2007

appreciating a second opinion

The other day while grabbing a bite to eat before rushing off elsewhere, my housemate Marley and I flipped on the news. The federal government had just announced their plan for tax cuts.
My initial thought about paying only 5% GST was "sweet" because, duh, I save more money.
But I am so thankful to have been watching it with Marley, because she really checked my thinking. Her response to this news was anger. She got incredibly upset with the government for making this decision. She figures that if we as a country don't personally need that 1% then think of all the amazing things we can do with that money for other countries in desperate need. It's true...we are an incredibly wealthy country, and I believe that with that comes responsibility to provide for others out of our abundance. I realize that this most frequently occurs on a personal level, but wouldn't it be incredible if it happened on such a large scale on a national level?

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