Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, I have been in Rome for 2 days now, and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit. The weather has been gorgeous! We got in late Saturday night and had a pleasant surprise at our hostel: free pasta, salad, and wine! The bathroom in that hostel got cleaned every day which was great, but there was definately no place for the shower head and no shower curtain and only one that was quite the experience. We have met lots of nice people so far in our rooms so that is cool.
So far all I know in Italian other than grazie and how to count to ten is:
รจ sposato?
sono nubile.
Also, Beth has received the most bella comments thus far. We decided to keep a tally.
We have walked a lot so far! On Sunday we tried to go to a mass, but were unable, but we walked around a couple of churches. We found one that was giving a free Brahms concert in the evening, so we went to that, be we all started falling asleep so we left at the intermission. It was absolutely beautiful, but the jetlag won out that time. I have a list of all the highlights we have seen in Rome so far...but I will not bore you with that (yeah, sorry, I cannot do contractions because I cannot find the apostrophe).
Today we went to the Vatican City which was pretty amazing. Also, we got the student price, yay! We walked by the river a bit today, went to a cafe for coffee (well, Roz and Beth had coffee, except it was way too strong for Roz) and spent a while relaxing at Trevi Fountain with gelato. While we were there, a family getting a tour around the city via horse and carriage stopped at the fountain, and the horse parked directly behind me. The horse gently nudged me so I pet him a bit and then he turned away, but a few minutes later he tried to push me off the wall! It was kind of funny.
The metro this morning was a bit crazy...we tried to go early to beat the rush, but in the process of switching hostels, and having my alarm clock die, and having Roz lock her key into her backpack and have to knife it open, we ended up going during rush hour. There was a cute old man trying to talk to me, but he did not know any english. I think he was asking me if I like Roma, and I said si. He tried to get some boy to translate, and he said something like school is nice here? So I think maybe he wanted to know if we were students and if we thought Rome was nice, but I am not sure. I just smiled and said yes, haha.
Oooh! We saw an old aqua duct today! That was pretty cool, I thought.
The other day we bought some groceries but neglected to weigh and sticker the fruit (I totally forgot about that process) so we were going to pay for them and the cashier guy was like no no no no no no, grabbed our fruit, and got up and went to the fruit section. We were like, is he taking our fruit back because we did something wrong? No fruit today? but he actually just did it for us, so that was nice.
Tomorrow we are going to tour the Coliseum, and the next day the Borghese museum, and then Pompeii! I am not sure when I will blog again, but keep checking!


christine said...

It's Jenn.. haha! I love the weighing of fruit thing! I had the same problems! It's pretty funny! LOVE IT!

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