Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My favourite Community Supper moment happened tonight.

It began a few months ago, when Christina and Nicholas and Victoria moved and then had a housewarming party.  Unfortunately I had to work and was unable to attend, but other members of my small group, including Evan, were able to check it out.  While they were there, Nicholas played Dance Mix '95 and taught Evan and Nadia some sweet dance moves, making them promise to dance at community supper with him sometime.

Last month Nick didn't bring the CD, so Nadia and Evan got out of it.

Tonight, Nick brought the CD.

After dinner he and Evan provided a show, as they danced to Whigfield's Saturday Night.  There were some high stars, low stars, high arm rolls, low arm rolls, the classic 80's dance moves.  And then, to make the moment that much more glorious, 6 little boys joined in.  They added straight arm pumps, the disco move, and they even brought out the sprinkler.


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