Saturday, May 07, 2011


I am loving today.

The Niagara Youth Network planned an event for today called "Love in Motion" where students from churches all across the Niagara region gather in St. Catharines and then spread throughout the city to serve and love people.  The kick-off took place at a church pretty close to my house, so I decided to walk to the event with my camera, so I could take pictures of some budding trees.

It's amazing how easy it is to meet people on a sunny day armed with nothing but a smile and a camera.
I said hello to a man in a walker, walking a very happy dog.  I chatted with 2 sisters roller-blading in their driveway (the older sister patiently teaching the younger, catching her frequently and picking her back up). Then across the street a toddler on a tricycle with her grandma next to her cheerily repeated "hello" a few dozen times as I waved and returned the greeting.
I paused to take a picture of a tree, and a woman in a scooter interrupted me, asked me to follow her, and showed me to her backyard where a gorgeous cherry tree is blooming. We hunted up and down the sidewalk, looking between houses to find a gorgeous mystery tree she'd caught sight of the other day. We finally caught a glimpse of the brightly coloured tree, but never could determine exactly where it's located or how to get a fuller view of it.

I'm feeling excited at the thought of finally meeting some of my neighbours, after a long winter. I hadn't really let myself plan ahead enough to say that I'd be staying in this apartment for another year; I kind of expected to move, but now I'm feeling like I'm here now, and I should be making the most of this opportunity. I'm looking forward to getting to know more of my neighbours over the coming days and weeks.

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BirchBarq said...

any idea how to get in touch with the Niagara Youth Network? Thanks. Rev. Jacob Birch 289 407 8651