Friday, July 13, 2012


Tomorrow, my little brother is getting married. I'm really thrilled for him and Laura --it's about time! They are such a good fit for each other. I'm looking forward to celebrating their wedding and officially welcoming Laura into a family that has been hers for years already.

I'm not looking forward to the endless "when is it going to be your turn?" questions. I already fielded off two different people yesterday.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Why is the only area of my life that people are interested in the one that doesn't exist? And even if it did exist, does that discount all the other aspects of my life? I am living a full life! I have many blessings of which I can speak. (And if people really want to know, some challenges too.) And really, if I was about to get married and I wanted you to know, I would tell you. You would have no need to ask.
Well, gotta get my gracious face on.

(incidentally, tomorrow I turn 28.)


Amy Goerzen said...

I have a good idea of where you're at. (I got the questions at all 3 siblings' weddings, AND my grandpa's funeral) I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and happy to see you on Monday!

Katie said...

ah, I feel ya! and it doesn't change even after you get married. people are always so focussed on "the next thing", whether that's getting married, or having babies, or getting a bigger place to live, or a better job... or whatever. bah. being single is such a precious time, I'm glad you are living it to the fullest!!

Anant said...

Nice aunt