Saturday, May 25, 2013

.I am from.

I am from kilts and haggis and from the true north.

I am from parks and bridges, from beaches, lakes and rivers.

I am from weeping willows, swing sets, teeter-totters, and a whistle calling me home for dinner.

I am from summer days of swimming, from riding bicycles, from scraped knees, and from sunburns.

I am from books and flashlights under covers, from secret knocks on bedroom walls, and slaying monsters under the bed.

I am from rolling down hills, from stepping stones across the river, from climbing the crab-apple tree and hiding in her branches, and from hide-the-penny at grandma and grandpa's.

I am from knowing by heart, from hands on hips expounding proverbs, from roller skates on kitchen floors.

I am from suitcases of books on vacation, from Adventures in Odyssey, and from "are we there yet?"

I am from asking and learning, from practicing piano and braiding hair.

I am from the smell of freshly baked bread and cinnamon buns, from peanut butter cookies and rice krispie squares.

I am from tobogganing, skating, and cross-country skiing, from frozen toes, hot chocolate and gingerbread houses.

I am from "think before you speak" and "be kind to one another."

I am from family games nights, from popcorn, from devouring books, from shared memories both fictional and real, and from laughter.

I am from exploring and traveling, from new tastes and smells and sights.

I am from making new friends and savouring the old.

I am from dreaming, from delight and hope, from faith and peace.

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Amy Goerzen said...

You would have like poetry night. It was great to hear so many people's "Where I'm From" poems.
Thanks for sharing :)