Saturday, September 28, 2013

.a life well lived.

This has been a full month.
Work is back up and running full swing - including 3 3-day retreats at Camp Crossroads. They were fantastic, yet exhausting, but totally worth it.
Just before retreats began, my grandmother passed away. It was good to celebrate her very full life. She was a remarkable woman.
I love this shot of my grandparents on their wedding day

So stylin'! I love grandma's hat!

I know that at funerals people always speak of all the accomplishments and impact of the person whose life you're celebrating, but wow did my grandma ever set the bar high! I hope that when my time comes people will be able to speak of how my life was lived for the glory of God and celebrate the ways in which he worked through me. I want to live life to the full, not for myself, but for him.

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