Monday, March 19, 2007


One happy lesson of the day: I finally discovered a fun way to make my calves grow!
I went snowboarding for the first time
AND I have some lovely bruises to show for it!

First I learned how to stand up, obviously, and then I proceeded down the hill fairly successfully on my heel side. The second time down I started to do the zigzag thing and it worked quite well for me, until I was at the bottom where I caught my toe edge and crashed forward, instantly bruising my right wrist.
Not deterred in the least, I went back to the top where Hannah showed me how to ride toe side. Basically she held my hands and walked behind me the whole way down while I tried to get my balance, haha. The next time down I was better and I tried to zigzag but basically I'm not very good, but whatever.
Then I was going down toe side and I switched to heel side, and it was really fun and cool.
(Wow, I'm sorry if this is an extremely lame and boring post)
And so the next time Hannah showed me how to switch from heel side to toe side, and I fell many times as I attempted that one, but I did make it a few times! Mostly when I was near the bottom and it was less icy and wasn't very steep. at all.
So that's pretty much all I did the whole time, but it was fun, and I think next time I'll go on a real hill and learn more.

So! It was a good adventure with few injuries other than a sore butt and knees, which isn't a big deal at all. MUCH more successful than my attempt to skateboard on a Garlock tray, as Josh was kind enough to remind me.

Anyhow, I'm going to finish my worksheet on Song of Songs now, which is really a remarkable book. I feel like I've learned so much, and there's so much more in there than I ever realized before. Which is always a typical response when looking at literature in general and the Bible in particular, but anyways, I'm going to stop chattering nonsensically about it here and write about it for my prof.

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No Brand said...

Hey Meghan, welcome in the snowboardcommunity. If you read Marcos Blog, give him a push to learn snowboarding. I´ll check out St.Moritz in a few days.