Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm back!
And the ground is covered with over a foot of snow. Although it was kind of rainy today, so it's very compressed. I took a picture of it on my back deck actually, so I'll post it on here soon.
My mom made some shortbread and I'm not gonna lie...hers is so much better than mine. Same recipe though. But hers just totally melts in your mouth...I'm just going to say it's because she has an electric mixer and I don't. I know, it's a really lame excuse, but I'm going with it.
Right now I am eating ice cream. I know, it's a rare thing for me...but it's vanilla with blueberry ripple plus pomegranate sorbet mixed in. Amazing, eh? Not quite as good as that raspberry cheesecake something or other I had this summer at the ice cream place, but pretty good nonetheless.
I have just finished writing my last two papers of the semester (I know, I'm a ridiculous procrastinator, but I am quite pleased with how they've turned out!) and I am enjoying this incredible, RARE sense of freedom! What shall I do with myself?
Well, actually, my schedule is quite full and not quite as relaxing as I would have hoped, but it's ok. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my grandma in Toronto with my mom, and possibly go skating with my brother (depending on when my mom and I go/come back).
Also, my bro and I are going to watch every episode of Chuck this break, which we've already gotten a pretty good start on...
My sister and bro-in-law are coming up for the weekend, so we'll have our family Christmas early. I guess I had better make my cards ASAP! At least everything else is done...
Also, BethL is in town for a few days so I think she, Roz and I will be chillaxing together on Saturday for some portion of the day.
So...that's a look at my next few days because I probably won't be on here too frequently. Which is not that unusual for me anymore, but I never had any die-hard fans (not of the movies, of my blog) anyways, so there's less motivation for keeping up the blog.
And on that rambling note...I'm out!

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