Thursday, May 29, 2008

prisoner in my own home?

So this week...we're having our driveway redone, and new windows put in.
So this week...I've been hiding in my basement, avoiding the chaos.
Only this week...the weather has been pretty nice...and I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy it.
I enjoyed the sun for a few minutes this afternoon while I waited for my mom to pick me up.
I went to the bank and got my new credit card. Since they sent my new one to the wrong address. 4 days after I had changed my address to the Ontario one. Good job, good job.
Anyways, I have a credit card again, so the plans for Europe must continue!
Oh! The other day I got Ben and Teri's wedding invitation...and I'm totally going to be in A'dam then (according to my current plans)!! Hoera! I'm back to reading and writing my life away.

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Eric Asp said...

Hey there Meghan! So you're going to be in Amsterdam, huh? What dates are you planning to visit? Don't forget to look us up, too, when you're in town.