Monday, May 26, 2008

.happenings in the sound.

It's been almost a month since I last I decided that even though I don't have much to say, I should probably say something!

I'm back in's the same as ever. Very pretty. Not a lot of people.

Roz and I went to the Drive-In the other day to see Prince Caspian...because our regular theatre is too small to be playing it...haha

I'm reading and writing and reading and writing and will hopefully have read 4 books and written 4 papers by June 7...which gives me a few days to actually finish, and to pack before leaving for Europe on June 13!

Roz and I fly out of Toronto, and dip into Montreal to pick up BethL on our way to London. And then to Rome...and around...

Pretty much, I am really excited. And I really want to see lots of old friends in and around Amsterdam (and also Tina!!!)'s make it happen!

Ok, well, that's all I've got for now...back to my paper!

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