Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't get it.
This craze surrounding Edward Cullen just doesn't make sense to me.
To be fair, I haven't read any of the books; I've only seen the movie, so maybe I'm missing out on something. But I just don't get it.
Edward is good looking enough, sure, but he's incredibly rude to Bella for the first half of the movie. I understand that he is trying to control himself and resist the urge to suck her blood, but there are definitely other ways of doing that. I especially appreciated the way he comes up to her and is talking to her and then tells her if she knows what's good for her she'd stay away from him. Wait, who just approached who here?
Although the movie is supposed to be all about self-control, it was extremely sexually charged. The first time she walked into biology class and had to sit next to him he clenched his fists and looked, well, like he needed to get off. When they would talk they could barely get the words out amidst their heavy breathing. I felt like I was interrupting. She eggs him on and pushes him to the limits of his self-control. What is that teaching teens? That it's ok for them as girls to push their guys because they'll be able to stop? No they won't. Or, that's it's ok for them to have sex with their boyfriends because they're not vampires?
I will say that every girl wants to be pursued and protected, and Edward does a good job of that. But he's right; she wouldn't be in that much trouble if it weren't for him, so it's his duty to protect her. His family treats her well and includes her (for the most part), even though she poses a serious threat, so clearly they have a lot of respect for Edward and want to support him, and Bella by extension. He can't protect her alone but he needs the support of his whole family, which is a good theme. And it's great that Edward chose not to turn her into a vampire, and that he makes her go to prom and experience the things a normal teenager should experience. But the whole thing is just strange. If she doesn't become a vampire then she will continue to age and it's not like they're going to stick together forever...what would a 17 year old guy want with a middle aged woman?
And she supposed to be an exciting character? Somehow all of the guys in the story are into her, but she has no personality at all. She is a loner who hardly ever has anything significant to say to others.
The only redeeming character in the movie, for me, was Jacob. He's a gentle, sweet guy who genuinely seems to care for Bella and have her best interests at heart. I know that he's just a minor character, but I was still wishing the whole time she'd change her mind and go for him. Plus, he's totally better looking.

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