Saturday, March 14, 2009

.day off.

I took Friday off of work, and had such a lovely day. I made a list for myself of things I wanted to do this weekend, including things like "drink a london fog", "wear a scarf" and "write something creative". So I slept in a bit, and played some piano and guitar, and then Amy and I went to Inglewood.
We had a little adventure getting there...let's just say that "Zoo Road" is not very clearly marked. But, we made it and had a lovely time walking around in the gorgeous weather visiting some adorable shops and art galleries. We also grabbed lunch at Spolumbo's and I found out that Sanpellegrino's chinotto flavour is disgusting. The guy at the counter warned me that it was an acquired taste and said I could grab another drink if I didn't like it. And made me try it in front of him so he could see my reaction.
Anyways, I took some cute photos, and 2 cars intentionally drove in the puddles on the curb and splashed us. A lot. Huge splashes of dirty water that landed in our hair and all up our backsides. And my camera was out. I was less than impressed...but thankfully, the lens didn't get wet.
Then Amy and I wrote 2 songs. They're pretty great, if I do say so myself. They're very different from each other, so we're impressed that we're not the type of people who can only write one thing. 2 distinct tunes, and 2 distinct topics. Although neither of them are too serious, haha.
Plus we went and got london fogs.
So...a lot of things on my list got crossed off and it was a perfectly enjoyable day.
And today, I played guitar outside on my balcony. Oh, I do love spring! I just wish it was here to stay...

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