Saturday, March 07, 2009

.an occasion where it'd be nice to have a man.

So tonight I went to a friend's birthday party. It was Oscar themed, so I made myself pretty, and gave her an "award" for wise counsel and good listener.
I knew before going that I would probably not know anyone there, so I had hoped to rope a guy friend into going with me. Alack, alas, that did not happen, so I decided to go it alone and pretend to be an extrovert for a night.

*Side story* I was talking with my friend Steve (in Ontario) about needing a date for tonight, and he suggested me finding an escort service. While I appreciated his creative thinking, I didn't appreciate the direction it was heading. Anyways, a little while later my phone rang, and I didn't recognize the number. I answered it and the guy said "This is Kenneth...Prince Charming" and I thought to myself "what? who? how? Did Steve call some random guy and get him to call me and ask me out tonight?" and was generally quite confused for a few seconds until I heard "Whoa, sorry, dropped the phone. This is Kenneth from Prints Charming. I just wanted you to know your frames are in and you can come pick them up any time." Oh! Ok, that makes a lot more sense now. Funny moment though! *End side story*

It was a lovely party (I even got a few compliments that I have great legs) and we had some fun dancing, but as the night grew long, the snow began to fall. Before the evening it was a fairly mild day and the streets were quite clear, so I wore heels and didn't bother to bring boots. By the time I left, there were 4 inches of fluffy supermodel snow on the ground. As I made my way across the street to my car...I slipped. My dress was kind of short to begin with, but with each foot heading a different direction...well, I'm glad no one was watching (or so it seemed at least). I regained my balance and hopped in my car. My feet were covered in snow and I grabbed my snow brush to unearth my vehicle. A few slips here and there, the wind blowing snow down the front of my dress, and voila! a less snowy car. I was laughing to myself as I blundered my way around my car, hoping that at least God would be laughing at me right now since no one else was there to share my amusement at the situation.
My car was already warm by the time I got inside (or else I was cold enough that it felt toasty) and I drove home in my bare feet without mishap. The roads were slick, and you couldn't see where any lanes existed, but I had no major problems. Until I got home. And the slipping and snow covered feet occurred again.
But not to worry, I immediately towel dried my shoes to make sure that they don't get ruined.

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Acemace said...

You should have told me, I would have flown out there and went for that night, and flown on back. Jk, I wouldn't have, but nice thought, no?

That's hilarious that you thought he said Prince Charming! I literally burst laughing out loud, so much so people around me asked why I was laughing. Also, beautiful picture. It's always nice to go out once in awhile dressed up.