Tuesday, April 18, 2006


My bro is here! yay hooray!
and bright and early tomorrow morning, we are taking off for Geneva...by the end of the day we'll be with Sara in Marseilles.
After a few days in the south of France we're going up to Paris, and from there we're going to Athens. I'll struggle through my jealousy of my brother and his instant tan, and hopefully I'll return to Amsterdam with a little colour, preferably not pink.
So that's a vague outline of our trip...be back in a little over a week!


adeleida said...

Cool I am happy for you that you can go on vacation with your bro. Love Adeleida

the only one from Liechtenstein said...

hope you enjoyed switzerland!!!!!!!
take care!

Capturing each moment... said...

Hey you! thank for the Package, that was totally sweet, and my family and I are loving the cookies! You are a doll, have a good vacation, you deserve it!!