Wednesday, December 27, 2006

het sneeuwt

Yay! Finalement! We have a light dusting of snow!
Yes, usually I am not the biggest fan of snow because it involves shovelling and drippy (or frozen) noses, and numb extremities.
BUT the lights look so much prettier covered in white, and so I will now be able to walk downtown because it's worth it, and that will be better than the drivebys I've done already.
And also Amelia and Curtis bought me, not only a toque, but also a matching scarf and mittens, so I'll look cute while I walk around the lights! haha. Hopefully this time no drunk guys will try to pick me up (Meil and Marike, do you remember that? and Tim Green walked by and "rescued" us?).
Also this year which I am excited about...I will be going skating! Which will be the first time in 2006. On the 31st. Sad and pathetic, I know. But it's not my fault the canals don't freeze in the Netherlands!
The plan right now is for Amelia and me to go down to Rochester on the 2nd, stay til the 3rd then come back and I'll meet Roz in Toronto and buy a bridesmaid dress. Or something like that. Should be fun...I like holidays.
My throat is pretty sore this morning, so I hope I'm not getting whatever Amanda had...but I suppose this could be a late surge attack from the same thing I had last week. I don't really know how bacteria work. Good thing we have vitamin C and echinacea!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're going to have some fun...
Oh, i wish it would snow here...everythings looks more beautiful in white!!!

adeleida said...

I know. The Netherlands is to warm I think. I hope you have fun with skatting. I miss you. Adeleida

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited! I can't wait to hear what dress you got. I went shopping with Nikki and we got her's yesterday in Manitoba :D It's not what anyone expected, but it's georgous.

Love you!