Sunday, January 21, 2007

catch up

The other day I went to this bookstore downtown to get some reading done. A comfy chair and London Fog was good motivation! I'll have to do it again sometime.

Oh, and figure skating has been on tv...I like it! Soon they will go to Tokyo and I can cheer madly for the Canadians...they're so good, if I do say so myself, haha.

Friday night we went to Curtis's basketball game. Ok, it was the school game, but he and Dave are the only people I know on the team. It was cool, and also we got to see this hackysac/soccer game thing going on in the court next to them, which was great, but unfortunately they ended shortly after the bball game began. I had been excited about watching them when bball got boring, but it turns out I just had to watch bball, haha. The auc/nuc/cts bleachers were full when we got there, so we sat on the "enemy lines" which was an interesting experience.

After the game we went to some east coast bar and went "jigging". It was fun, but I'm really out of shape and my calves are killing me now, not gonna lie. If only I still had a bike and cycled every day!! Also, sad story, my coat got stolen. So random too...we had all our coats piled on the back of one chair and mine was second from the bottom and somehow mine was missing and everyone else's was there, even though we were sitting there the whole time. So that's not so fun, but thankfully I have another coat, so it's ok.

Last night a different Curtis (seriously, I need to come up with nicnames for them all. There are 2 from church, 1 from school, and then my bro-in-law) and I went to Joel's show at some bar on 17th ave. It was a good show, but the bar was not very full, so that's too bad for him. I think he knew pretty much everyone who was there to watch his show. Also it was way too loud in there so it was difficult to talk. I know that there's this whole loud music ambiance thing going on at bars, but when it's that loud it just gives you a headache and makes you frustrated that you're shouting into someone's ear and they still have no idea what you're saying.
And yes, I know that "someone" and "they" do not agree.

Today I woke up no thanks to my alarm which did not wake me up, if it even went off, and rushed to get ready for church, talked to Stawan in India really quickly, and went to Beddington. It was a really good service, and after I went to the life group leadership meeting. I'm considering starting a life group, but I may also just join one. or both!? I'll keep praying about it and see what happens...

So, that's about it I guess. I'm going to finish my worksheet on Job now. By the way, the text book I have for that class is amazing and I would read it for fun. I love learning!

Oh, one last question...Switchfoot and Jars of Clay are playing at the U of C on the same night at the same time in February. Which concert should I go to? I think Switchfoot is more expensive. But I've seen Jars quite a few times. So it's still a bit of a toss up. What's your opinion?

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