Monday, September 08, 2008

The Art of Rejection

by Haley and Michael DiMarco

I just started reading this book for work...and I'm liking it!

Here are a few quotes (and some chunks).

"For all the guys our there who are afraid of 'hurting' girls and so play it safe and don't ask anyone out, I say boo! I think I speak for most women when I say we'd rather have the chance to get hurt than never have a date at all. Staying home alone with a tub of ice cream is never our first option. Dating, risking, finding out if you could be the one is much more pleasurable. So save us your heroics and ask us out. Let us decide if we can handle the potential pain of unrequited love."

"You have an endless supply of date invitations to offer--all you have to do is spend them. So get out there and start asking. It's the only manly thing to do."

"Being just friends is a waste of time."
"If you're still 'hanging out' with someone who no longer wants to date you, you are prostituting yourself."
"People can't have all the benefits of dating without the commitment of a dating relationship. And we aren't talking about any kind of commitment more than one that says 'yes, I'm interested, and yes, there's hope.' This isn't that tall of an order. So don't buy the lie that being 'just friends' is beneficial or even helpful no matter what they might say."

"It's not what happens to you but what you think about what happens to you that affects your emotions."

"Your mind isn't as all-powerful and as in control of you as you think it is. It's actually more like an animal: It only believes what you show it and let it daydream about. In fact, it is so gullible that it can be tricked and even retrained like a dog."

"Relationships should make you both better, not worse."

"The Law of Polarized Sensitivity: Girls want to talk it out, guys want to fix it. So girls, don't beat around the bush by using too many words. And guys, don't soften the blow by offering up scenarios that you're not interested in just to make her feel better."

"For a girl breaking up with a guy, it is crucial that you don't hint around about things but be totally direct."

"You were man enough to get into the relationship, so be man enough to get out. Face-to-face. Suck it up, be honest, and do it."

"Don't water down your decision or give them an escape clause that will only drag out the relationship that you want to end."

"It's human nature that when someone rejects you, you assume it's because of something you did."

"A wise soul sees that rejection is just another door eliminated in the process of finding the one we're looking for."

*NOTE: Some of the above quotes may make more sense in context. I won't be providing that...go find a copy of the book if you want to read more.
Also, I do not necessarily completely agree with all of the above quotes. But I am a firm believer in the sentiment of the first two which is "MAN UP!"

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Michael DiMarco said...

I don't agree with every thing in that book either, and I co-wrote it! :)

Glad you like some of it though. Welcome back to North America and you might check out a new site we just launched, where you can chat with Hayley and such.