Friday, December 12, 2008


You know, I often wonder what it is about the season of Advent, a season of anticipation, that we feel needs to be so full. I feel so busy this time of year, and while I love going to Christmas parties and hanging out with my friends, a part of me wonders if we neglect Jesus in the midst of our celebrations...because they aren't really about him; he's just the excuse for them. Maybe that's too strong a statement, or maybe it's just me. But I will say that I am looking forward to going back to Ontario for 10 days this month. I don't have a lot of plans there. Spend some time with my family. Catch up with a few friends. Maybe go skating/tobogganing a couple of times. Rest my body, my mind, and my soul.

In the meantime, I am having dinner with some friends tonight (the first time we get to experience Brian's cooking. If it's anything like his baking, it will be exceptional). I always enjoy these times with these friends; we laugh a lot and play games and it's a very relaxing time (maybe except for when I'm the one playing Wii). Then on Saturday I have 3 things I'm supposed to go to...but I'm going to narrow it down to one, or possibly two parties if I'm feeling really ambitious. On Monday a few of us are going to celebrate with Dustin that his exam is finally done! He is probably one of the most dedicated, hardworking people I know. So he deserves to enjoy himself for a bit once the stress of his exam is gone.

The only night I have "free" between now and when I leave is Wednesday, but it's not really free because I'm probably going to be spending it cleaning the house and packing. But then I'll have a few days at Meil's to relax. Maybe even go cross-country skiing. I think this time back in Ontario will be so good for me...I need time and space to be refreshed, and having so few friends still there can help me to accomplish....doing nothing!

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