Monday, May 04, 2009


I had a student adamantly try to convince me today that once people have sex they are in love and can never be in love with anyone else because God has bonded them together and made the two become one soul, and therefore it is actually impossible to fall in love with anyone else.

I also think I set a new record (if that's the appropriate way of putting it) of student become client...taught a class, and within the space of an hour one of the students was at the centre for a pregnancy test. At least I know something I say is effective, and they realize this is a safe place for them to come get help.

Then tonight Amy and I were having an impromptu picnic supper at Bowness Park and a girl came up to me saying "Hey! you taught at my school!" and she seemed a little perturbed that I couldn't recall who she was or what school she was from. I wondered if she was from one of my classes today, but I didn't recognize her, and I usually try to make enough eye contact with each student to be able to recognize them a few days later. Anyways, she told me what school she was from and then we said our farewells, haha. Amy just laughed that all the young people in the city know me.

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Josh Dorman said...

Hey. Where are you now? What are you doing with yourself? I read the hockey thing and had to scrape my jaw off mom's keyboard. I miss our chats. Facebook me. I hope you that you are doing exceedingly well.