Tuesday, March 14, 2006

life through the eyes of a joey

I recently escaped from the Artis, but not with my mother. I've been hopping around town trying to find a place like home, and in my ventures I happened onto a street called Willemsstraat. Since I can jump so high (I'm the best jumper of all my friends) I jumped into an open window. Why there was an open window in this house when it's cold outside, I don't know, but it was nice to be somewhere warm. I hopped into the kitchen where someone named Joshua got a package. Inside were balloons, so they started blowing them up and tossing them back and forth. This was a very fun game for me because they were good jumpers and so am I so we had a little competition. But then it got dirty...They put some water in the balloons! Not a whole lot, so they didn't burst, but enough to make them fly all crazy and weird. And then Cameron tried to pick one up and it burst all over the floor. What a mess! After that it was just chaos as water balloons burst everywhere. Then Meghan and Josh had the bright idea to take the balloons outside, but there was only one left at this point, and on the first toss it flew funny, hit a car, and promptly died. I am much more fun than balloons I think, but no one took any notice of me. I'm going back to my mum's warm pouch at the artis.

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benjamin said...

MEGHAN!!! what did you eat???