Monday, March 20, 2006

story time with bingwa

It was just after Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. We were going to our first riot. Only problem was, we lived in an all black neighbourhood. No one to fight there. But we were mad. I mean, we were pissed off. So about eight of us guys got in the car and started cruising the streets. We went into this one store and the owner saw these big black guys come in and hid behind the counter. So we had the store to ourselves, and we were thinking, "Man, we can do anything, and take anything, and no one's going to do anything about it." So we walked around that store like we owned the place, and all of us grabbed something, and then we went back to the car and took off. Then we all looked to see what we'd gotten, money, electronic stuff...every one of us had grabbed ice cream. So there we were, our first riot, and we had this ice cream and no spoons. So we just started digging in with our hands and eating that ice cream. We got better at rioting after that.

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