Sunday, May 21, 2006

I smell like a pancake

It feels like the past few days have been nonstop. I had 3 morning shifts in a row, then I went to Ewout's to babysit Joa, then I had an afternoon shift and outreach (and scrabble. Freek won by 1 point. grr), then I had morning shift, then I went to the Naked Inside concert, then I had morning shift again...Ik ben moe!
But it was really cool to babysit was nice to get away for a day and have a change of pace. Plus, he's a really cute kid and fun to be around (and he didn't poop his diaper all afternoon!) haha. I'll put up some pics on my other blog.
Yesterday I travelled to Sliedrecht to hear Naked Inside play their last show for the second time (haha). It was pretty fun...I got to nap in the car at least. And Michel's cats are anorexic I think. Freek thinks they're just shaved funny, but I think it must be a combination.
Anyhow, there was this punk band who opened for Naked Inside called Hookman. They sound just like every punk band in high school that played in the talent shows. It was so fun...brought back memories, haha. Also, Dutch people (at least the ones who were at this show) do not know how to skank. Although, I'm pretty poor at it myself, so I shouldn't talk. But it was quite fun anyways, even if the old fogeys *coughbencoughfreekcoughmarco* didn't dance. And their cd was only 4 euro 50, which is a good price for the Netherlands, even if there are only 4 songs, haha.
Oh! Also, I met Rebecca, and she went to Capernwray Harbour and knows Karen Caple. So that was kinda fun.
So, ok, I think my blog now contains an adequate update of my life, albeit shortened. Goed zo.

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adeleida said...

goed zo. Ik ben trots op je. I am happy that I saw you this weekend and that I had the oppertunity to smell you like a pancake. I love you and I see you later.