Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yesterday Jimmy's camera (and money) was stolen. He is from Malaysia, so his camera is very important to him. He handled it so well, and tried so hard to stay positive about the whole situation.
Cameron suggested that we make a sign that says "we love you Jimmy" and each of us take a funny picture with the sign around the hostels and then we'll print them and give them to him. He will really like this.
Today Desiree told him where to go to buy cheap disposable cameras, and he took the last 5 the store had, haha. Good for him. He's really happy, but at the same time, he knows that his material possessions won't last forever. I think it's a good lesson, even though it's really sad.
Anyhow, today we had 80 Dutch students come tour our house and hostels. This afternoon when they were in our cafe I suddenly heard Jimmy's voice, so I ran to the door with Tina and we poked our heads out. Here is what we heard him say (after he explained about his job cleaning here).
"It is no coincidence that I am here. I got to meet Jesus. The staff are so friendly and generous. These two months in the shelters is my most precious time of my life. I got to meet Jesus."
whoa! It is so cool to discover that about him in this way...he never said anything to us (he just listens closely in cleaner time, but rarely talks about what he's learning) and yet he tells a whole room full of people. So cool. God is so good.

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