Monday, May 22, 2006

My new favourite thing to do

while riding my bicycle is to have Dave on the back giving me a massage.
It was so great to have him here for a day...we got to have a good talk. That guy has grown so much in the Lord; it never ceases to amaze me. God is so powerful, and when we surrender our whole lives to him he does so much...the changes are so evident in Dave's life, and he's such an encouragement to me. Also, he's got a lot of wisdom through his time spent abiding in Christ and that's pretty sweet, cuz he's not afraid to share it. Cool beans.

Also, I got to talk to my parents on skype today, and my dad was playing piano in the background. Too funny. Totally made my day; I could picture him grinning away as he plunked on unknown keys.

Well, I'm off to eat cookie dough now...courtesy of Joshua (and my vanilla).

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adeleida said...

hey, I know what you mean about Dave. Dave is my example that God can change people so powerfull. Love you and hope to see you soon again.