Monday, July 31, 2006

I have a guitar!

Yup, it's true. Thanks to my bearded bro, I am now a guitar owner. Well, as of December. I can't bring another carry-on to Calgary...I'm too jam packed as it is. But at Christmas I will be able to bring it back with me! My bro called it my "Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/Congratulations on your engagement" present, haha. Funny kid.
Yesterday was the day I spoke at went well. I said everything I wanted to say I think, and I got a lot of encouraging comments, so good enough. Glad it's over!
Then my mom did one of her "let's invite everyone over for lunch" things and it was fun, and delicious! Roz had 2 friends from school up, Yvonne and Julie (although I already knew Julie from camp) and Julie was like, "wait, your mom invited all these people over for lunch and she doesn't even know how many people are here?" which was amusing. Apparently there were 14 of us. Not bad considering they were all last minute invites. I think.
Anyways, then we went to the beach...I do love Sauble. The water was gorgeous! Steve and I found the remnants of a nerf football and tried to play with it for a while. It fell apart, but was still fun for a little bit. Then we went to Mr. Morley's house (high school english teacher...I never had him tho) but he wasn't there, but Mr. Weinger was walking by (high school history teacher) so we chatted with him for a bit. Always random with Steve. Then we went to Inglis Falls which was good because I hadn't been there in my time back yet. And we randomly decided to go in the falls. The bottom is not smooth and the current is very strong. But we weren't injured, so it's all good. haha, it was fun.
Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, the other day we went sailing on Roz's dad's boat. (we consisting of her dad, Roz, Yvonne, Julie, and me) Very fun! I enjoyed sitting on the front watching the storm clouds gather. Don't worry, we made it back just before it started to rain. Although, I had my handy Heineken poncho/towel from Harald with me just in case, haha.
Well, I think that's a good enough update...Roz and I are going shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Mel's wedding today. Should be fun (if we can find the store, haha). That's all!


adeleida said...

Hey Meghan, Thanks for the up date.
I am happy that you have to do so many thinks. Cool that you spook in the church. Ik ben trots op je. Love and miss you

Capturing each moment... said...

Engagement Present? oh, and I'm glad that you went shopping for my wedding, fun stuff. And Lester confirmed that we will stop in Calgary the first Sept. Weekend, ;) So I'll see you then!