Tuesday, November 11, 2008

.long weekend.

This past weekend was so great. I think I really needed a relaxing weekend, so I fully appreciated this long one.
On Friday a bunch of us went over to Jemima and Preston's for raclette, which was absolutely delicious by the way. Also, I became reacquainted with Wii. Quite fun. Apparently I require a wide berth (haha, sorry, that word always reminds me of this) or injuries/attacks may ensue. Truthfully, I only actually hit Meera once, and the wall once, and everyone else was just scared by the wind rushing past them as I swung. Good times though!
We had some good laughs all evening playing Wii or Balderdash or whatever and it was just a nice time in general.
On Saturday I ran a few errands (yes, I now have a snowbrush for my car. which has already been used.) and then Tina and I headed down south for a spa thing. After which we went shopping and I influenced her to buy a colour! She is now the owner of a beautiful purple sweater which looks amazing on her. And is neither black, white, nor gray. Impressive, I know.
Then we joined Jenn and Amy and drove out to Chestermere where Meera was house sitting and having a party. There were tons of people there and we had a delicious dinner and fun chilling afterwards. It was so beautiful out there, a gorgeous house, super cuddly big dog, fun people...really great.
Then on Sunday I had a super lazy day which was luxurious. Church was great; I actually had the chance to chat with a few people before small group, and that was also excellent.
Then on Monday we skipped the Science Centre (which is sad because I had SO been looking forward to it, but good because it was incredibly busy and full of little children) and went to the zoo. Although it was slightly chilly and my shoes were slightly small, it was still really fun. I enjoy animals, even if they are caged/contained. Plus we had our own personal tour guide in Dave.
Then Evan helped me bake over 100 cookies for Wednesday's community dinner, and Amy came back over to watch Chuck. I really do love that man...if only he were real, haha.

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