Monday, August 21, 2006

this weekend

On Saturday Julie Nicole and I made a picnic and went to Shakespeare in the Park. It was so well done; definitely worth the $10 donation. Then we walked down to the river and sat there skipping stones and chatting for a few hours. It was such a nice, relaxing Saturday, spending no time with school stuff! I also got this weird sunburn from my shirt and my hair. But I think it's getting better already, which is nice because I really hate tan lines. I know, I'm a girl, haha.
Saturday night Ashley (from my class) drove Merissa (one of my housemates) and me to church and it was really good. Dave Brotherton spoke, so that was neat. And I'm excited because I finally understand the hot/cold thing. Beautiful.
Yesterday I got up early to help Nicole set up at her church and then she had worship team practice and then it was the service. I went to a Nazarene church in Rochester for a year, but it was pretty different from this one. This one was much more traditional. Which is fine, because I like traditional every once in a while. There's something very beautiful about everyone speaking in unison.
Then we went to the Rockies! Which was wonderful because I'd never even seen them before. We went to Kananaskis and hiked to Troll Falls and took a lot of pictures and had water/rock fights and an overall good time. Then we went to some campground on Upper Lake (amazingly creative naming job) and built a raging fire (thanks to Nicole the pyro) and popped popcorn and made s'mores and generally ate too much junk food. It was so beautiful there, with the sun setting over the mountains. Yes, I took pictures of it as well. I just sat on a rock at the water for a long time enjoying the beauty. God is really amazing.
Then 5 of the 6 of us housemates had a bonding experience and an intense time with the Lord. I'm really glad we did, because I hate cushy Christianity, and we got to see God at work.
Anyways, it's a beautiful day out again! and so I'm going to do my school work outside where I can enjoy it. Doei!

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Merissa said...

your pictures were great. Lekker!!
or Doei!
shakespeare was fun, thanks for convincing me to go ;)
we're going shopping! WOOOOOOOT!