Tuesday, August 22, 2006

two gentlemen of verona

Merissa and I went to Shakespeare in the Park the other day and saw Two Gentlemen of Verona which was a good play, well performed and such. But we were quite annoyed with the end! Neither of us had read it before, so we weren't sure what to expect. Basic story: Two guys, Proteus and Valentine, are in love with two girls, Julia and Silvia. Then Proteus decides he's in love with Silvia as well and gets his best friend Valentine banished so he can snag Silvia even though he's already promised to Julia. Julia comes to visit as a surprise to Proteus, only she's disguised as a boy, Sebastian. Sebastian and Silvia sort of become friends because Silvia keeps telling Proteus to go back to Julia. He keeps going after Silvia, and tries to rape her until Valentine steps in and stops him. Then Valentine ends up with Silvia, and Julia takes Proteus back. After watching what he was trying to do with Silvia. So the end is pretty frustrating. But Merissa and I were talking about how it seems like that's probably true a lot. And that's really sad, that these girls keep taking back these guys who are jerks, who don't even apologize for being jerks, and pretend that nothing happened. I don't know if that's good forgiveness or just stupidity. Anyways, that's my summary of the play; I'd recommend King Lear. It's much better.


Merissa said...

And so is Twelfth Night! we should rent the movie sometime if we can find it.
I think the guy with the stick and the dog was a hoot.
mmmm can't wait to try my new show of hands scrub and my lip apeal. woohoo!

Merissa said...

i meant the stick and the dog guy in Gentlemen.. not twelth night, i don't think there's a stick and a dog, maybe a stick..

justmeghs said...

haha, the guy with the stick and the dog was super funny, that's true.
i'm excited about romeo and juliet tomorrow night :)
oh my gosh, i'm pretty sure that we have the softest hands in the world right now. mooi!

Marco said...

Women are mysterious. When there'd be guy talk in our dorm, one of the most frequent topics was "Why do all the eligible girls go out with the complete jerks?" Theories abound, but I'm not sure if we ever found the right answer.

justmeghs said...

maybe the only guys bold enough to ask them out were the complete jerks and the girls got tired of waiting? but then i guess that isn't a very good characteristic of the girl either.