Saturday, February 10, 2007

breaking and own house

Yesterday I finally got to meet Josh's girlfriend, Sarah, and I showed her these old pictures of him when he still had a baby face :) He was a little embarrassed, but such is life, and I warned him ahead of time. We went to the Devonian Gardens, which for some reason I'd never been to. They're nice, especially when you want to escape winter.
I saw Darcy at the school and he wanted to come home with me to jam with Nicole since she's back, so once he finally found his coat, we took off, with his amp and guitar in tow. Only I had forgotten my keys, so we had to break into my house (because Nicole was sleeping and the doorbell didn't wake her) which was unfortunately very easy, which probably I shouldn't be announcing. However, I fixed the window so now if we're locked out, we're really locked out. We didn't realize right away that Nicole was home, so Darcy kind of woke her up with the piano, but it was all good. We watched a movie and Nicole and I both fell asleep I think (sorry Darcy) because he woke me up quite a while after it was over, and she was still kind of out of it. But then we jammed together for a bit and it was nice.
Nicole and I went grocery shopping because she hadn't been since October! so we filled the cart with so much food and realized we had to walk it all home somehow...So we just brought the cart home (why not make this place look even more ghetto? it'll match the cart that's been sitting on the other side of the duplex for months) to bring it back later. A full cart on very snowy roads and sidewalks isn't the smoothest experience, but it was a good workout!
After putting away the groceries we watched Footloose with Julie which somehow Nicole and I had never seen before. So that was fun.
Today Julie gets to wear a black velvet dress and $3000 diamonds at work (advertising for V-Day I'm guessing) and Nicole's friend Rachel is coming. I'm just finishing up homework because that's what I do.

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