Monday, February 05, 2007

african weekend

There appeared to be a theme...
Friday night and all day Saturday Thora was cooking Ethiopean food...which is really good I might add.
Saturday we went to see Watoto, the African Children's Choir from Uganda. Obviously they were all adorably cute, but my favourite was Conrad. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Conrad. I am ten years old and when I grow up I want to be a pilot." Two things about this...he sounded like a pilot with his ladies and gentlemen "we are currently flying at 3500 feet and the weather conditions are very smooth" and at first I thought his "pilot" sounded like "pirate" so I was like "You are my hero!!!" haha. Oh yeah, and one boy's name was Innocent, which reminded me of invisible children.
Upon our return home, people were still over to eat Thora's Ethiopean dinner, so we partook as well. There was also an African dance party in our living room.
Sunday morning the superintendent or something of Pentecostal churches in Uganda spoke, challenging us to use our talents and take risks in order to multiply...

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