Monday, February 26, 2007


So I was just chatting with Dave and he asked me to edit his paper on abortion, so I figured, why not put my homework aside and help him for a few minutes, since it's going to be a long night anyways.
As I was editing it and giving him a few suggestions, he asked for my advice on a relationship issue (incidentally with a girl named Meghan).
I was indicating a sentence that needed some attention and he interrupted with "fix my problem in life first"
which I did
and then finished fixing up his paper.
I don't know if you find that line amusing or not, but I thought it was kind of funny.
Also amusing is that he always refers to me as a dude or bro.
And the effects of mexican oven dish on his system...which he just brought up. Nothing like a good pooh story to lighten one's mood.
And on that note...I'm going to finish my worksheet on Proverbs!


oh my everything!!! said...


i love you HANS.

incidentally that is also a male name.


Bethany<> said...

Sorry, which Meghan does he like?

justmeghs said...

no bethl, he doesn't like a meghan. there's a meghan who likes him. who is not me.

i love you too lars

the only one from Liechtenstein said...

oooh, how I miss real Dave stories...reading them is not so much fun as actually listen to him telling them...
and I miss you too, Meghan, a should come over here one day....