Monday, October 09, 2006


So this was Thanksgiving weekend! And I determined not to do any work for the whole weekend, which was an amazing decision. I am thankful that my Saturday class got switched to next week.
Friday I had my first counselling and then the plumber didn't come and then my cousin did! So I got to see Jo again and we met her friend Charles. He kept us quite entertained until like 3:30 when we decided sleep would be a good thing, especially since they had to go to a wedding the next day, and buy a gift first.
Saturday I tried to sleep in a little, but the plumber was supposed to come in the morning. He didn't actually come until after 1, but he was quite attractive and we had a lovely conversation and he fixed our bathtub!!!!!! so it was worth the wait. Then Ash and I watched the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice with a few naps in there, even though it is my favourite movie ever. Then most people came home and we chatted late into the night again...
Sunday we went to church and then went to Kananaskis to go hiking. (my pictures from this weekend can be found here) It was a beautiful day, albeit chilly, and a nice hike. The goal was to see wildlife, and deer didn't count. But they had to, because all we saw was a chipmunk and 3 deer. We listened to Rascall Flatts in the car which made me smile. And we went to Tim Hortons for dinner, so I got a turkey sandwich. Not as good as a leftover sandwich, but it's good enough I guess. Then we stayed up all night talking and trying to get warm since our heater doesn't work. Julie had a space heater which we turned on in the basement living room and we all cuddled with blankets and fell asleep basically. Good times.
Monday we slept was beautiful! And we made pancakes and talked (what is with us girls and talking, hahaha) and then went to Kananaskis again for another hike. I will admit, I am sore today. But I'd still go hiking again tomorrow. We saw an elk, a coyote, and 12 deer tonight! So sweet. And we brought back a CD Ashley had in high school and listened to S Club 7 and O Town and Destiny's Child. Oh man...that was weird/fun. Oh, and when I got home I talked to my parents, so that was nice. And I think they were pleased that I wasn't a mess on the phone, but there was no indoor stream to upset me, and it was actually warmer inside than out, so I was doing well, haha.
And now I'm going to post some pictures from this weekend here so check 'em out.
Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everyone!

*random note, the last post was number 200*


Darius said...

nice pics

Nynke said...

Pride and prejudice = great!
S Club 7 = great in 1998

I actually listened to some S club 7 a few days ago :)