Thursday, February 02, 2006


Ok, Christina wanted me to post this story. So hopefully it's not too confusing.

Last night Marco and Sander had me over for a lekker dinner *thanks guys* and then after small group we all cycled here together and I showed them the Willem. We were in the hallway by the kitchen/library/living room I think about to go into the living room and Christina saw Marco from behind and said, "Hey Marco!" and then he turned around and she was like, "Oh, you're not Marco, sorry, nevermind. I thought you were someone else because you have the same hair as him." And then Marco was like, "Actually, my name is Marco." So it was funny because there are 2 Marco's with similar hair. the end.

Ok, hope that made sense to you. Probably it's not as funny as if you were there in person, but that's always how things work out.

Oh yeah, speaking of Marco and Sander, let's throw in Eric for good measure...check out my links with your names.

Tina just said to me, "You know what? I think we are so complicated. And then we will end up old smelly ladies with no one.
Do you know how many guests we have at the hostel?"
haha, I love the randomness!

Also, Zac welcome back to the blogging world! So funny. To the rest of you, click on my "shelter blogs" link and then click on Zac's name. It's worth a read.

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