Saturday, February 04, 2006


On the way to IKEA yesterday I taught Ryan the 8 parts of speech. He spent his time there analysing sentences trying to figure out what each word was. Good for him.

You know, all growing up when we had those calendars with the seasonal picturesque backgrounds I was alway annoyed when March had all these pretty flowers. I mean, usually there are some pretty big snow storms and a couple feet of snow waiting to melt away come March, so the whole budding and blooming didn't make sense to me. Now it is February and it's beginning to feel like spring. There has been no scent of spring in the air, unless spring smells differently here, but the air is feeling warmer and they days are getting longer (which really helps to cheer one's mood). I haven't checked the weather or anything, so probably there will be a cold snap coming still or something, but it's just an adjustment for me to understand first hand that flowers and blossoming in March may be a reality. I wonder if they still say "April showers bring May flowers" here? Except not in English with a rhyme, but who knows, it might rhyme in Dutch too?

Ok, enough blabbing about the weather. Congratulations if you've made it this far through my post. Not only because it was probably somewhat boring, but also because you've reached the end!

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Marco said...

They do have dutchy rhymes here about March and April and it goes a little something like this:

"Maart roert zijn staart" and: "April doet wat hij wil"... which both means that the weather is uncertain in March/April... so... yeah...

How ironic: my comment is even more boring than your post... haha ;)