Monday, February 13, 2006

st petersburg philarmonic orchestra

I was just looking in the concertgebouw booklet for February and saw that there's a Tsjaikovski and Brahms concert tomorrow night...only 7 euro 50 if you're under 27. and if you're not that young, it's 65 euros. So probably you won't wanna go. but if you do want to go, let me know and we can not be losers together on v-day. Otherwise, I'll just be a loser and go alone, but it'd be much more fun with other people.
ok, end of the pathetic post.


Elke said...

Oh, I would love to go, but I just checked the internet and it says that it's completely sold out :(
You could go and see if tickets haven't been picked up, (though I guess people would show up if they paid that much money) they will be sold like an hour before the concert starts.
But since I have to come from a little bit further away then the Willemstraat I'm not going to take the chance that there's nothing left. However... there are cheaper concerts pretty often so I would love to go with you some other time! I just love the Concertgebouw! (and you of course)

justmeghs said...

actually, they usually have extra tickets even when they're sold out. *speaking from experience, haha* and so far tina ryan and i are going. probably if we get more people we won't be able to sit together, but whatev.
come any time my dear, you're always welcome :)

Capturing each moment... said...

I'll come with you Megs!!

justmeghs said...

oh, i wish you could!