Tuesday, February 14, 2006

new hero of the day


Is currently cleaning the puke I watched a guy spray over the floor on the stairwell. I am feeling quite queasy. eww.


oh my everything!!! said...

you actually watched the guy...?


justmeghs said...

it's not like it did it on purpose. he puked right in front of me. then i ran away. and grabbed a mop. and tina. and when i almost puked, i ran away again, and left her to clean up alone. mean, but her stomach was less upset than mine at that point in time.

oh my everything!!! said...

sorry that you both had that sort of mess to take care of!

but you'll both make great mothers because of it :) heehee

Marco said...

Man, what's WITH guest's bodily fluids at the Shelters these days?

Nate Kewley said...

Ok, this is probably incredably random, but the other day Jess said "meh" and it reminded me of you. I hope you had a great valentines day. Talk to you soon.


the only one from Liechtenstein said...

whohooooo to tina!!!!! THE CS!!!!!